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Frascarelli with White Truffle

Ingredients for 4 people

2 cups of flour type "0"

3 eggs

a little lemon peel, finely grated.

One egg serves for 2 people For a more consistent pasta you can replace the "0" flour with semolina.


Roll out the flour in a high-sided tray, beat the eggs in a bowl with a little salt. Drop the eggs in droplets with a fork or whisk onto the flour, working with your fingertips without compressing the droplets, which will become many small, irregular balls.

Transfer all the contents of the tray to a flour sieve and sift through: there will be many crumbs left, the Frascarelli in fact. Place the Frascarelli in a tray and repeat the operation until all the eggs are used up.

This operation must be done quickly because it is good to cook the dough immediately, without letting it rest too long on the tray, otherwise it will stick. Plunge the Frascarelli into plenty of boiling salted water, stir and drain with a perforated ladle as they come to the surface as gnocchi.

Sauté with a sauce by Tartufi Bianconi or with fresh or preserved truffles.

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